About Us

Resolve Coastal Recovery develops solutions and services for coastal zone management, such as beach erosion abatement, artificial reefs, and environmental restoration, mitigation and enhancement

"Resolve Coastal Recovery's methodology applies an innovative, science-based, phased approach to coastal zone management."

Resolve Coastal Recovery, Inc. evolved from the mission to leave the world a better place.
This is the mission that guides our parent company, Resolve Marine Group, one of the world's leading marine services organizations with worldwide operations and offices in the U.K., China, Singapore, India, and New Zealand.
For nearly 35 years, Resolve Marine Group has executed large-scale, complex salvage and wreck removals throughout the world. From this work, we learned about sand accretion - particularly how it accumulates around wrecked vessels on shore. When removing a wreck or vessel from a shoreline, one main issue is sand displacement.

The sand around the grounded FIRAT (below) is an example of the type of accretion we encountered throughout 35 years of salvage and wreck removals.

While faced with this issue, we began to wonder - what if we could actively manage sand in order to maintain shorelines?

From this, an idea was born: to create a module that mimics the sand accretion around a stranded vessel, yet is underwater and unseen.

The result of this has been demonstrated through numerical modeling and wave tank studies. But it is our experience in operations beyond salvage and wreck removals that ensure our products and services are unsurpassed. For more than three decades, we have managed projects involving partly emergent breakwaters and alternative shore protection mechanisms, created artificial reefs from both ships and modules, propagated coral nurseries, removed ships grounded on coral reefs, and monitored quantified and remediated marine life impacted through casualties and maritime commerce.

This work is a testament to our experience. And this experience is the foundation for Resolve Coastal Recovery, Inc.

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